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Reservations at the Nashville Farmers' Market

This location is one mile from Broadway in downtown Nashville, TN.


Includes a 1.5 oz tasting of four wines paired with four local bites. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the pairing with exceptional tasting notes and more! $29.99 per guest. Minimum of two guests required.


Premier Pairing $49.99

Enjoy a premier charcuterie pairing featuring a deluxe seasonal charcuterie board and four 2 oz pours of wine with one of our exceptional team members. $49.99 per guest. Minimum of four guests required. 

Flights + Bites Tasting $29.99


Vino Before Vows $49.99

Enjoy one last fling before the ring with a Vino Before Vows wine tasting! A private pairing of four wines with a mini charcuterie plate for each guest at your table. $49.99 per guest. Minimum of four guests required.


Looking for more?

Contact for special requests, large groups, or to curate a unique experience for your guests unlike any other! 

Reservations at The Vineyard

This location is 1.25 hours from downtown Nashville in Hampshire, TN.


Interested in Reserving a Patio Table at the Vineyard?

Contact for more information!

FAQ and other info:
Additional times may be available outside of business hours. 

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?
A: Most reservations require you to pay the full amount due in advance. You can walk in and enjoy a tasting or flight with food add-ons without a reservation, but you may not have seating within our space due to current seating restrictions. 

Q: Can I call and make a reservation for the same day?
A: Most of our locations require 24 hours notice for specialty reservations. Same day reservations may be available for flights or tastings depending on current availability. Same day reservations are not available for Flights + Bites, Vino Before Vows, Premier Charcuterie Pairings, Picasso Pairings, or Tannins and Truffles.

Q: I want a very specific wine experience, I'm not sure how to make a reservation online, I have a big group, or I have quite a few questions. Who should I call? 
A: Email with your information and note the best time to call to discuss your needs! 


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