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John Susi
December 2, 2014 | Marketing | John Susi

Re-Romancing The Merlot!

Well here we go; I'm sure I will raise a few eyebrows on this one. Merlot is one of the grand grape varieties we have grown to know, love and enjoy......and take for granted, get bored with and eventually have it become generic! PLEASE STOP THE PAIN! A proud grape it has served in the background for a long time be a part of a group of grapes that have become the fantastic wines of Bordeaux. But then the humble Merlot found favor of a few winemakers that worked the vines and created the wines that made Merlot a cultural phenomenon. The Merlot blew up in the 80's and it surpassed all other wines in its class as far as popularity and related sales. As often happens with things that are popular, they become over exposed and over worked in the market place. The effect is felt all the way down the line, to the vineyards. Growers rush time lines, over water or they over crop the vineyards (too many tons per acre). All of this results in weak, substandard fruit with low grade flavor. And what happens when you make wine from poor fruit ?....?....You get wine with no mouth feel, low flavor profile, flabby, nothing exciting. Oh well, why bother!

All of that being said, I am here to tell you that things are going to change. It's all about the fruit, the best of the Merlot fruit that can be found.  And this is it, the best we have found in many years and it's ready to be bottled. Big full-bodied Reserve Merlot, one aged in French oak, one aged in American oak. To Merlot with mouth feel that gives you that velvet flow across your tongue. Both with a unique spiciness unto them selves that leads you down a path of dark chocolate, but with the sense of earthiness and peppercorns and spice. Very reminiscent of the Merlot from France and California in the late 60s and early 70s before the boom of their popularity. This is the Merlot you've been waiting for. Taking the time to find the right grapes and giving that fruit your full winemaking attention produces an exceptional wine that sets itself apart from all others.
You can be a part of Re-Romancing the Merlot.  Both of these Merlots are scheduled to be bottled by the end of this year and I'm extremely excited to have you experience them. If you're planning to come to the winery to taste our new Reserve Merlot please give us a call to be sure that they're ready, we'd love to see you.
Have a wonderful holiday season, please enjoy responsibly, we'd love to see you again.
John Susi



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