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Natchez Hills Wine Clubs

Wine is a passion that unites all of us here at Natchez Hills. Each of us involved are not just coming to work each day, we sleep and dream about the vine, the flavors of the fruit, and the best way to share that with others."
- NHV Wine Club Manager

If you are like us you probably enjoy excellent Old World style wines. At Natchez Hills we want to make it easy for you to continually add exceptional wines to your personal collection. No matter if your palate craves the taste of bright white or the bold complexity of a red, we have a club that will keep you satisfied.

No cost to join!

Four Shipments a Year!

Ton of great Benefits!

Our Natchez Hills Wine Club is a great way to ensure exclusive first access to new vintages and special blends. As a Club Member you will receive quarterly installments in February, May, September and November of wines hand selected by our Winemaker and his team at the Vineyard. These wines can be picked up at either the Natchez Hills Vineyard or the Tasting Room at The Market. Of course if you prefer we can ship them right to your door, some restrictions do apply. 

Red Wine Club

For lovers of rich and bold flavors, our Red Wine Club gives you access to our Merlot, Cabernet, and Old Vine Zinfandel. Thats just the start as new varietals and blends are released you will be eligible to receive them before anyone else.  

Join The Red Wine Club

White Wine Club 

If light, crisp and fruity are are where your taste buds lay, you may want to consider our White Wine Club. Our Symphony, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Harmony make up this category but you can be assured more varietals will make this club as well. 

Join The White Wine Club

Mixed Wine Club

If you just love great wine no matter what the color, or maybe your household is divided and you need a little something for everyone. Then the Mixed Club is perfect for you, as it includes all of the wines we make. 

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We currently ship to 39 states. However, Wine Club membership is only available in TN, FL and CA.