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Meet The Owners

Jim & Karen Odom, Owners​​​​​​​​​
Mississippi-native Jim Odom spent 20 years as a US Air Force (USAF) officer and fighter pilot, with extensive excursions throughout Europe, the
Middle​ East, and the Far East. After his military career, Jim spent over 15 years in the corporate
world, serving as CEO for three different companies in the defense sector before retiring to the South’s Hampshire, TN to build a unique destination experience that combines his passions: Music and Wine.

Karen Odom grew up in Southern California and Tripoli, Libya, the daughter of a USAF father. As the wife of a fighter pilot and a mother, Karen has spent her life advocating for her children and family in cultures and systems around the world. Karen started Natchez Hills Vineyard while Jim was still finishing his corporate career, a herculean task that included planting the Vineyard.