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Our Philosophy

At Natchez Hills making wine is more than the process of converting grapes into wine it is a passion and expression of the "Bud to Bottle" cycle of life. We utilize Old World techniques with innovative fermentation and processing that combine the precision of winemaking with a creative artistic expression.

How we grow is just as important as what we grow. To us the concept of terroir is fundamental to the creation of great wine. Terroir is the environmental conditions, especially the soil and climate in which the grapes are grown, that gives wine its unique flavor and aroma. While our vineyard is not certified organic and sustainable, we strive to use organic and sustainable techniques. We minimize the use of chemicals and insecticides while maximizing organic nutrients and micronutrients.

Great wine is made in the vineyard. So at Natchez Hills we strive to find the best fruit, whether we are cultivating and harvesting grapes from our own vineyard or sourcing the berry from places like Lodi, CA. We ensure our winemaker has the best ingredients to make excellent wine.